How TripFit came to be

The TripFit team are well-travelled – but between all those hotels, planes, trains and buses, we came to realise we were doing a lot of sitting around. We wanted to design an experience that allowed people to see Melbourne in a more active way.

TripFit combines the exhilaration you get from new experiences with the deep satisfaction of an active day in the great outdoors. By combining fitness and travel, TripFit turns small group tours into active adventures.

We are TripFit

We believe a good workout makes you feel great. Combine a good workout whilst exploring Melbourne’s most beautiful areas and you won’t just feel great. You’ll feel truly alive!


Meaningful travel

Our boutique tours are designed to help you tick off the top things to do in Melbourne in a way that makes you feel good to be alive.

Travel is always good but travel with a purpose is so much better. Our purpose is to provide a world class experience, leaving nothing but footprints behind and taking nothing but photos with us.

We are 100% carbon neutral and we donate 50% of all profits to a charitable cause. Last year we donated to causes including:

Keeping it cosy

Helping travellers connect is a big part of what we do. So we keep our groups nice and small – no more than ten people.

During our days together we’ll help you understand our city and our country, and we’ll help you get to know the others in your group.

The best days are spent in the sun, soaking up the views (or the wine) with an awesome crew of new friends.

The best of Melbourne

Some people visit Victoria. Other people – our kind of people – seek a little something more. We for those who want to dive headfirst into Melbourne, and experience the city in an active way.

Our adventures are location-based, showcasing the best things to do in Phillip Island, Mornington Peninsula, the Great Ocean Road and Yarra Valley.

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